Curved Penis

Learn how to straighten a curved penis to avoid embarrassment when you lower down your boxers in front of a lady. Curvature in the penis is normal in many men. Most of penile tissue comprise of spongy tissue chambers known as corpus cavernosa. If both sides do not develop equally there is likely to be a noticeable curve when the penis is erect. The curvature may also be due to other reasons as well. Injury to the penis during sports, especially football and rugby is one reason. If there is bleeding then a scar may form during the healing stage and the penis will curve to the side opposite to the scar. Although rare, there is also a chance of penile curvature in people prone to indulge in strenuous intercourse. Young boys tend to hide the bulge caused by erection into the folds of underwear. Excessive bending and cramping can also cause the penis to curve. The curvature could also be hereditary since some boys are born with an arched penis. The penis can curve into any direction, right, left, up and down and how to straighten a curved penis depends largely on the nature and cause of the curve.

A curvature does not have any biological effects. It can penetrate a vagina like a straight penis without women being aware of the difference. It may cause some problem in directing the urine flow into the bowl but men get accustomed to holding it while urinating. In extreme cases of a curved down penis there may be problems with penetration.

Curved penises seem to undermine personalities. The normally defiant male suddenly feels as if he is abnormal the moment he undresses to have sex. The fact is that the curvature may help in better stimulation because it allows the penis to reach areas that a straight penis would never reach.

Some men may need a downward curved penis cure. Surgery can straighten the curve provided it is done by a qualified surgeon with experience in corrective tissue surgery. The natural method to straighten the curve is by penile stretching exercises. Jelqing is just one of the exercises that can be used to straightening curve penis.

Look for a curved penis treatment if the penile curvature is causing problems to you and your partner in having satisfactory sexual intercourse. A proper penis workout program offers an exercise regimen that will manage the scar tissue as well as straighten the penis. There may also be a need to use penis extenders or penis pumps.

It should be understood that any cure will take time and you should not expect quick results. Scar tissue needs may take as much time for correction as it took to develop. The best strategy for how to straighten a curved penis should be to take up each exercise one at time and to keep your erection while exercising it is strongly recommended to use a penis ring.

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